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Aesthetic Techniques and Treatments


Innovative technique of liposculpture without surgery.

High Definition Lipo

We reduce localised fat that does not respond to diet or physical exercise.


Achieve the desired size by fitting prostheses.


We definitively change the unwanted appearance of your ears.

Hair transplant

FUE Hair Grafting in the Canary Islands.


Correct excess skin and/or oil on the eyelids.

Feline gaze technique

Lifting according to the shape of the eyes and the rest of the face.


To add facial volume by removing localised fat from another area of the body.


Advanced techniques for perfect smiles.

Surgery is not only about body shaping, it is also about health.

Advance Surgery

We have our own operating theatres both in our clinics and in other centres. The surgeons in our clinics have years of experience and recognition in the sector.

Wide range of services

We have a wide range of opening hours for our patients, adapting to your schedule. Please consult the opening hours of each of our centres.

Specialised Unit

We have doctors and clinical staff in the different departments guaranteeing specialised and personalised attention for each case. 

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